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Steel material introduction


[Aogami supermarket]

Yasugi Aogami Super Steel, which inherits the genes of Japanese swords, is a romantic steel made by Hitachi Metals.

This is the steel that reigns supreme even among blue steels, with higher amounts of carbon and tungsten than blue steel No. 1 and steel No. 2, and its sharpness is characterized by the stickiness and superb smoothness that is unique to Aogami S.




ZDP189 steel is a very rare stainless super special rare steel made with Hitachi Metals' powder metallurgy technology.

The hardness is overwhelming HRC67 compared to other steels.

Since it is a stainless steel material, it does not contain chromium components such as blue paper and white paper.

Compared to carbon-based steel, it is resistant to rust and easy to maintain.

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